MTO EXCLUSIVE: Andrew Tate Claims ’Secret Files’ On Rich & Powerful Men … Will Leak If Not Released From Prison!

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Andrew Tate, the most famous man on the internet these days, was arrested and taken into custody in Romania as they investigate allegations of human trafficking against Andrew and his brother Tristan.

But Media Take Out learned that Andrew may have a trick up his sleeve … a get out of jail FREE card, if you will.

Media Take Out spoke with a person EXTREMELY close to Andrew last week, before the social media star was arrested. And that person had some VERY interesting information.

According to Andrew’s friend, Andrew has “secrets” that he could expose, about rich and powerful men from around the world. And he planned on using those “secrets” as leverage if he ever got into trouble.

Media Take Out spoke exclusively to Andrew’s CLOSE friend off the record – and we asked whether Andrew was worried that people could “come after him” now that he was gaining popularity on the internet.

The friend explained to Media Take Out exclusively, “Andrew knows things about powerful people. If push came to shove, he’d use that information to get himself out of any trouble.”

Andrew Tate is being investigated for allegedly running an international human trafficking operation – in other words, they are calling him an international PIMP.

Romanian authorities say that they are investigating claims that Andrew and his brother allegedly lured beautiful women into Romania, where they coerced the women to become s** workers – who serviced rich and powerful men.

Andrew should be considered innocent of these charges, until proven otherwise.

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