Yung Joc Alleges Diddy Told Cassie To Shave Her Head

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Yung Joc claims in a new interview that Cassie had shaved her head.

“Me and Cassie sitting next to each other, my wife right here, Cassie right here. The n*gga jumped off the bar, came over, and said, ‘Yo, yo Cassie, tomorrow I want you to shave the side of your head,” said Joc while talking to DJ Vlad.

Back in 2009 shaved part of her hair and became an instant hit.

Joc continued, “I was like, ‘What the f*ck kinda request is that?’ So, when I looked up there, this white woman had the side of her head shaved and the b*tch looked good with it. I said, ‘Cass, you not ’bout to do that, are you?’ She said, ‘Well, whatever Sean wants, I’m gonna do it.”

Cassie said of the cut: “I think the shaved-head trend is amazing. Definitely wasn’t the first … How many years ago was that? Wow. It was like almost three, maybe three years ago, and I also shaved off the other side [after only having one side initially]. I shaved the other side for Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Roll Up’ video to turn it into a Mohawk. But it’s definitely a fun trendsetting hairstyle. Really glad that I guess I made it mainstream is maybe the right word. And it’s inspiring. I like to see how other young girls remix it and add color and all of that.”

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