Cher Says She Dates Younger Men Because “Men My Age…They’re All Dead”

Lyndon Abioye |

Cher, 77, opened up about why she dates men decades younger than her.

According to the legendary star, all the men her age are already six feet under.

Cher talked about her relationship with 38-year-old music executive Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards. Edwards.

AE was previously engaged to Amber Rose, and they share a four-year-old son, Slash.

“I’m really shy when I’m not working and kind of shy around men,” Cher told Jennifer Hudson.

“And the reason I go out with young men is because men my age or older—well, now they’re all dead—but before they just never, they were always terrified to approach me and younger men were the only ones that…”

“They’re bold,” Hudson interjected.

“Yeah,” Cher agreed. “Raised by women like me.”

The pair first went public with the romance back in 2022. They split for a few months last year but then decided to give their relationship another try.

“They’re not officially back together yet, but they’re enjoying spending time together again and they make each other happy,” a source said last October.

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