Danileigh Questions Why People Aren’t Buying Her Music

Lyndon Abioye |

Danileigh is questioning why fans are not checking for her music anymore.

The singer has been dropping songs for the past few years and the releases have gained very little attention.

“I def take accountability for all of my past. I’m human and I’m growing. Won’t speak on it all because of legal reasons. But kno that I am sorry. Hope everyone has a good day. Not gonna read these comments cause ima be a big baby,” she wrote in The Neighborhood Talk’s comments section.

In 2021, DaniLeigh posted a snippet of her “Yellow Bone” song. “Yellow bone is what he wants…yellow bone is what he wants,” she sings.

At the time, she was dating DaBaby and the song was reportedly a shot at his baby mama, MeMe, who was a darker skinned woman. Fans accused her of being a colorist and she was canceled immediately.

Fans reacted to her video.

“You taunted MeMe over DaBaby, then made that weak Yellow bone song, & girl that’s who you are. Those weren’t mistakes,” one viewer wrote.

Another added, “Babe, you’re NOT a yellow bone. You’re NOT Black American. And had the audacity to include yourself JUST bc you sing black music, then made the song to shade an ACTUAL BW & that was craaazyyyyyy. It’s so odd how girls who think they’re better than us wanna be included sooo bad. Sing Dominican Music bookie!!!”

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