Judge Judy Blasts Prince Harry Over ‘Spare’ Memoir

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Judge Judy is calling out Prince harry for exposing the royal family in his new Spare memoir.

“I will tell you that I would be furious, and would think that that child or that grandchild was a selfish, spoiled, ungrateful one,” said Tuesday on “Good Morning Britain.”

“That’s what I would feel, and be really hurt,” the 80-year-old judge replied to being asked how she would feel. “I think anybody – anybody with a brain – would see that it’s disingenuous. It’s biting the hand that fed you, it’s unseemly.”

Piers Morgan, who’s known for his obsession with Meghan Markle, also called out the prince.

“This year started like last year finished, with Harry whining and moaning and slamming his family and being deeply unpleasant about almost all of them while pretending that what he really wants is privacy and freedom from his family and from this institution they represent,” Morgan said on “Fox & Friends.”

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