Jim Jones RIPS Pusha T On ‘The Joe Budden Podcast’

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The beef between Jim Jones and Pusha T continues. This week, Capo appeared on The Joe Budden Podcast, where he fired off at the Virginia-based emcee.

“If he say something foul he gotta be ready to play the game, this is Hip-Hop. Yeah, it’s a slight chance it could go left, n-gga. Who’s gonna spin the block for him? Is Pharrell gonna spin the block for him? Is [Jay-Z] gonna spin the block for him? Is Malice gonna say a prayer, or. Who’s gonna spin the block for him?” he said.

He went on to add that Malice was a “preacher that works at Walmart” and that Pusha T to a “worker, not a boss.” “You always wanted to be a New York n-gga, you from Virginia, the suburbs. You know how that go,” he said.

Jim Jones recently released his rebuttal to Pusha T’s Fashion Week diss.

“Beware of my name, that there’s delegate/ You know I know where you’re delicate/ Crush you to pieces, I’ll hum a breath of it,” Pusha T rapped. “I will close your heaven for the hell of it/ You think it’d be valor amongst veterans/I’m watching your fame escape relevance/ We all in a room but here’s the elephant/ You chasing a feature out of your element.”

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