Jim Jones Claps Back At Dee-1

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Jim Jones responded to Dee-1 putting rappers on blast for their lyrics.

“He could have reached out. That avenue of talkin’ to me is out. You heard? I would have loved to have had a conversation with that young man to enlighten him on certain things when he was mentioning my name. I had the same conversation with [Louis] Farrakhan. He summoned me for sayin’ his name. ‘If you know not what you’re talking about, young man, let me school you to what you’re doin’.’ You heard? And he once told me that I said certain things about certain people that I wished I didn’t as I got older,” said Capo.

Dee-1 says rappers should be more responsible about the content they put out, but the Dipset rapper says his music reflects his upbringing.

He continued: “But I don’t think he went about it the right way, especially talkin’ about people like Rick Ross and Meek Mill. […] How could you ever talk about about people that’s doing these type of things? […] Okay, yeah. Our music is rough. But we grew up in rough places. So when we talkin’ about these rough places, we talkin’ about these things that we went through. You don’t have to go through it. And if you listen to my music, my music is heavy on the spiritual side from the moment I made my album, On My Way to Church,” he concluded. “And I’ve been battlin’ with my demons, and my sins, from the moment I’ve been born. So how dare you talk about another person that’s trying to help people out here. And help theyself at the same time. And you don’t know my story.”

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