Jason Lee Wants The Pettys Behind Bars

Tiffany Brockworth |

Jason Lee is speaking out after Kenneth Petty’s house arrest and csays that he wants Nicki Minaj and her husband locked up.

“Lock them the f-ck up. Now let me say another thing, if you’re a Barb and you support this behavior, you support child molesters and rapists too. Because you’re also complicit. You’re funding the machine. But all of you are so sick now,” he said in the video.

He continued, “Is Nicki Minaj a phenomenal rapper? Yes. I dance to her music every time it comes on in the club. I play it here. I love Nicki’s music. And everything I’ve said nice about it, I believe. But I can tell you what’s currently in the news right now, it’s clear Nicki Minaj and her husband want Cardi [B] and Offset dead.”

Jason Lee says he will take legal action against them because they allegedly sent their goons after him.

And guess what? If anything happens to them, we know where to go. If you know Kenneth Petty’s parole officer, please send it to me. Email it to me right now. Send it to Hollywood Unlocked. Please DM us. Because I’m gonna call him and send him this receipt that I got…tried to hire somebody to come get me.”

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