G Herbo Lashes Out Over Funny Marco Interview

Tiffany Brockworth |

G Herbo is speaking out about his Funny Marco interview again after Chris Brown asked Marco about the viral interview during a recent sitdown.

G Herbo and Southside were dragged online for the way they treated Marco, which included mocking his skin, calling him “ugly” and throwing a cup in his face.

“PSA — that’s a public service announcement — for the simple fact that I don’t be having nobody’s name in my mouth, especially n-ggas. If you have my name in your mouth, talking to another party, a person, I hope you able to back it up,” said Herbo.

“And I hope you tough, way tougher than me, because if I hear it, I’ma slap the f-ck outta ya,” he continued. “I’m about to start treating n-ggas like the bitches they are. A lot of you n-ggas [are] bitches and been bitches.”

Some fans assumed Herbo was speaking directly to Chris Brown. Breezy issued a statement to say there is no beef between he and Herbo.

Herb also confirmed things were good between them.

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