Anthony Mackie Goes Viral For Declining To Take A Picture With An 11 Yr Old (Was He Wrong?)

Lyndon Abioye |

Actor Anthony Mackie, known for portraying Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is going viral for “rudely” declining a photo request from a young fan.

And Media Take Out confirms that the incident has fueled a heated debate on social media platforms, with opinions divided on whether the actor’s actions were justified.

In the video, initially posted online but later deleted, a woman is seen approaching Mackie for a photo with her grandson after he had already refused the boy’s request. Mackie responds with a firm, “I cannot take a picture.” When pressed further, he reiterates, “Absolutely not.”

Now for the back story. The mother of the young fan went on her Instagram Stories to share her perspective. She said that this isn’t the first time Mackie has refused such requests from children, specifically noting, “Little black boys who look up to him in New Orleans.”

Though Aundra acknowledged celebrities may require personal space, she expressed disappointment that Mackie didn’t make an exception for young fans, especially those from his hometown.

Interestingly, after the video garnered attention, JD Carrere of New Orleans Pulse interviewed Aundra for more context.

It turns out that Mackie was initially being denied entry into a VIP section at a local event. Aundra intervened to help him gain access, after which she approached him for the photo.

What do you think Anthony should have done?

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