Tasha K ROASTS Joe Budden After He Cuts Interview Over Cardi B!!

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Tasha K hopped on her Youtube channel to blast Joe Budden after he announced he would not be airing her sitdown with him.

On his podcasts, Budden’s cohosts let him know he was wrong to interview Tasha K due to his friendship with Cardi B. The vlogger was ordered to pay Cardi more than $3 million after a judge found she defamed the rapper on her platform.

“I now understand why nobody f-cks with Joe. Joe is all bark, but no bite. You said you was going to do this, but then when I hear, ‘Oh, he’s gotta comb through the interview, he’s gotta make sure this and make sure that.’ I bodied each and every one of those Black men to the point that all of them said after they were done, ‘We’re winos,'” she claimed.

She continued: “I sat outside and I had a conversation with this Black man. I said, ‘You know what’s sad? Is that we cannot as Black media stick together for the betterment of the people.’ And he was like, ‘Black media will never do it.’ And now, he’s literally owning up to his own words.”

Tasha brought up past allegations of Budden physically assaulting his ex and his past addiction battles. She says she will not believe everything she hears about him and will never consider color again when choosing which media outlets to interact with.

Tasha K removed the full video from her platform.

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