RHOBH Garcelle HATES Atlanta Housewife Kenya … Kenya’s BFF Married Garcelle’s Cheating Ex-Husband!

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We just got a very interesting bit of tea. Media Take Out has learned that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills housewife Garcelle Beauvaus does NOT like Atlanta housewife Kanye Moore one bit. And she has a reason to dislike Kenya.

Media Take Out spoke with a person close to both ladies who tell us that Garcelle dislikes Kenya because her best friend, and publicist is actually married to Garcelle’s ex-husband, CAA agent Mark Nilon.

Kenya’s friend explained, “They both try and put on a brave face and be professional, but Garcelle has issues with Kenya because she’s friends with Shannon, who’s with Garcelle’s ex.”

“They try not to let everyone know about their beef, because it’s real and they don’t want it to be out there like that,” the friend added.

Garcelle and Mark had a very messy divorce, after she caught him cheating on her with multiple women. Garcelle explained what happened in a recent interview:

“Mike Nilon and I were married for nine years. We were sort of like the Hollywood couple. I’m an actress, he’s an agent, we’d go to fabulous parties, we had two boys. Mike was reliable, he was sweet. I really thought this was my last stop.

One day nine years ago, I said, ‘Hey Mike, can I use your phone’ …I look at your phone and see a text that says, ‘I love you.’ I say, ‘What’s this?’ and his face changed. He said, ‘I’ve been having an affair.’ I said, ‘How long?’ and he said five years.

I’m a hot head, so that night I wrote an e-mail to friends and colleagues at Mike’s work and the subject was ‘What does Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Mike Nilon have in common?’

After the two split up 12 years ago, they both moved on with their lives. Shortly after the split, Mike found another woman to marry – a beautiful Black woman named Shannon Barr. They’ve been married now for 10 years.

Shannon happens to be Kenya’s best friend, and her publicist. Here are pics of Kenya and Shannon.

And here’s Shannon and her husband Mike:

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