R&B Singer Tyrese BREAKS Gag Order . . . He’s Going In On Ex-Wife Despite Judge Orders!!

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Last month Tyrese Gibson slammed his ex wife, Samantha Gibson, after she slapped him with a cease and desist for speaking publicly about their divorce.

Since then, Samantha has gone to court and Tyrese has been issued a gag order by the judge, to refrain from speaking about the case, Media Take Out has learned.

Tyrese has disregarded the order and went on Instagram yesterday to BLAST his wife.

The R&B singer wrote:

Man oh man…. Exactly what she did
Use me use me and use me again then chucked me away and playing victim…. I guess after 5 years of pouring to be left here burning 🔥 [ in confusion ] she never loved me enough to simply tell me why??? Why did it end so suddenly? Why does it feel so vile and calculated? Why drag a whole innocent child into this? Why run around with my LAST NAME and leverage me into pod cast, meal plans and getting verified…. When I took my wedding band off after being faithful and fully committed to my marriage and family would you just chuck me away and leave me swimming in confusion….. Narcissist sociopathic disposable agendas will reveal itself in time….. Your mother told 6 people at my daughters you didn’t really love me and that you were only here for the money? I laughed and called her crazy…. She had a few drinks and I guess what was funny at the time turned out to be true….. Then sh called herself trying to reconcile? Then I found out she only wanted to reconcile because her one year lease on her townhouse was almost up?…. So even that wasn’t genuine….

Headless and heartless…

Tyrese and Samantha first tied the knot in 2017, but announced their split in a joint statement released in December 2020. The former couple share a 3 year old daughter Shayla and Tyrese is also the father to 15-year-old daughter Shayla, from a previous marriage.

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