Rapper Slowthai Apologizes For Swastika T-Shirt

Rapper Slowthai apologized for wearing a t-shirt that featured a swastika on the front to a festival performance.

The British rapper wore a T-shirt displaying a swastika beneath the word “DESTROY” which was a nod to fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s famed 1977 “Destroy” T-shirt.

He says the t-shirt was supposed to be anti-facist.

“i’m sorry to anyone who is offended by me wearing an anti-fascist / anti-regime t-shirt and the use of the symbol it represents,” he wrote. “i want you to know i stand firmly against antisemitism and fascism of any kind, something the t-shirt was meant to illustrate with the word ‘destroy’ above the symbol.”

The Osheaga Music and Arts Festival in Montreal released its own statement about the t-shirt.

“A performer appeared on stage Saturday wearing a controversial t-shirt displaying a swastika that caused confusion. The t-shirt denounces the regime,” the festival’s statement reads. “We sincerely apologize to anyone who may have misinterpreted this message and felt hurt.”

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