Pete Rock Laughs At Modern Producers Over Resampling

Lyndon Abioye |

Legendary producer Pete Rock hopped on Twitter to throw shade at some of the more modern producer’s creativity.

“They are resampling rap and r&b records that was made only 3-4 years ago [crying laughing face emoji] no diggin for the hits they sampling what was already a hit recently lol [shrug emoji],” he tweeted.

The responses in the comments section were mixed.

“LL Cool J took the En Vouge song Hold On for his song The Boomin’ System they were both released in 1990. Yall just forgetting lmao,” one follower wrote.

“If I sample anything recent it has to have been recorded using the same analog gear and instruments being played like the 60s/70s. I’ll allow myself to do that but I ain’t got it in me to ever sample something from the same genre thats not old, that’s f-cking dead,” another wrote.

One wrote, “All I heard after I read this was “HITMAKA”.

Is Pete Rock trippin or nah?

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