Nipsey Hussle Family Drama … Babys Mama Wants A Portion Of Assets!!!

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Nipsey Hussle’s brother and sister are locked in what is turning out to be an expensive child custody battle over Nip’s 13 year old daughter Imani. As Media Take Out reported, Nipsey’s siblings are seeking full legal custody of Imani, and control over the deceased rapper’s entire estate.

But his child’s mother, Tanisha Foster, is looking for custody of their 13-year-old – and the fortune that comes along with her.

According to new court documents, obtained by Media Take Out, Nipsey’s brother Sam & his sister Samantha had their lawyers inform the court that they scheduled an upcoming mediation with Tanisha for November 30th.

The mediation is expected to result in a HUGE cash settlement paid out to Tanisha, if she chooses to accept it. The settlement – in addition to granting Sam and Samantha custody of Imani, would result in an agreement for the distribution of assets of the Estate of Ermias Asghedom.

Nipsey’s brother Sam is claiming that Tanisha allegedly assaulted a person in front of Emani, and claims that makes her an “unfit” mom, who is unfit to act as a guardian of the estate, and to manage Emani’s inheritance which is expected to exceed over $2,000,000

No word yet on how the mediation went. But if Tanisha doesn’t agree, the case will likely go to trial.

As of now, a hearing has been set for January if a settlement is not reached during the mediation.

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