Nick Cannon Clowns ‘FAT’ 50 Cent!!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Nick Cannon clowned 50 Cent for the rapper’s change in physique over the years.

“You can, like, fantasize about Fif from 15 years ago. That’s a different Fif than this fat n-gga that’s walking around now,” he said on the Daily Cannon.

Nick and his crew were referring to Vivica A. Fox confessing that she’d still like a second chance with her ex, 50 Cent. 50 has refused to return to Vivica but she has said in the past he was the love of her life.

“I still would date the sh-t out of him,” co-host Mason Moussette told Cannon.

“I guarantee you, 50 Cent will come on this show,” Cannon continued. “And Imma play this clip about both of y’all saying y’all wanna f-ck him. He is fat. He look like he got a pack of hot dogs in the back of his neck. You lookin’ at them pictures from Get Rich or Die Tryin’, now it’s get thick or die fryin’!”

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