Love & Hip Hop’s Hazel E Unveils BIZARRE New Shape . . . After Badly BOTCHED Plastic Surgery!

Last year, Hazel-E had the “Mommy Makeover” from HELL. And now her body appears to be permanently destroyed because of it, Media Take Out has learned.

It all started when Hazel flew to Turkey to get discount plastic surgery. Unfortunately the surgery caused her to be back in the operating room. While it is unclear what exactly caused the crisis, the Love And Hip Hop reality star shared details about her devastating experience on social media, reporting that she was forced to have a blood transfusion and her breast implants extracted.

According to Hazel, her body hasn’t been the same after a botched plastic surgery operation. And she showed off what she now looks like, after recovering from the near death experience. Hazel has been sponsoring waist trainers on social media. And while the waist trainers do improve her body . . . well, see for yourself:

Not only did it leave her body distorted, but it also contributed to the LOSS of her recent child.

Hazel-E is recovering from a miscarriage she and her husband, De’Von Waller, suffered earlier this year. The Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood (LHHH) star recently took to Instagram with the news of her family’s loss.

For all the websites that announced my pregnancy, maybe you should let people announce stuff on their own time,” Hazel-E said in reference to her pregnancy news. “If I wasn’t mentally strong, that could have super triggered me,” the Reality TV star said.

Hazel-E was a publicist before being propelled into the spotlight as a cast member on Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood. She evolved into a recording artist on the show, though she was counted as the underdog by some of her peers. Ray J even made a bet to work with Hazel-E in the studio as a sort of joke during one episode of LHHH. He was pleasantly surprised to find Hazel ready to deliver incredible lyrics.

Hazel opened up about the difficult experience on her Instagram Stories, writing—“My family is literally traumatized from Turkey. We [are] cancelling all travel plans until further notice. I have been around the world and I have never had this experience.”

“I’ve got to get my daughter and I back on track, we are both sick as dogs. Give DeVon a mental, physical break. This is our 2nd year in a row we won’t be celebrating our birthdays now. 13 days turned into 30.”

Hazel’s husband, De’Von Waller, also chimed in on social media with his own allegations.

“The d**s doctor fked [up] my wife so bad and gave her a fat necrosis. You only get that from a bad boob job. She can’t even really walk and then they send her back without a wheelchair service that we had to pay for,” De’Von wrote.

Hazel and De’Von tied the knot in October 2019, and welcomed their first child together in June 2020.

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