Kim Kardashian Is Getting BACK Together w/ Pete Davidson … That Caused Kanye’s MELTDOWN!

Kanye West had one of his famous epic meltdown on social media yesterday. Media Take Out spoke with two people close to the Kardashian family who tell us that Kanye’s apparent psychotic break was likely triggered by news about Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.

According to our insiders, Kim and Pete are getting back together.

Sources close to the Kardashians tell Media Take Out that Kim and Pete have been seeing each other again – and are in the process of rekindling their relationship. And the insiders believe that the potential reconciliation of Kim and Pete may have caused Kanye’s meltdown.

One of Kim’s friend explained, “She and Pete broke up because of distance, work, and other things. Pete’s now back in L.A. and is doing everything to try and win Kim back.”

The other insider told Media Take Out, “Kim and Pete are not back together yet. But they are on the verge of reconciling. They’ve met up a bunch of times [in Los Angeles], and Pete is still around the kids.”

But Pete’s not the only ex in Kim’s life that wants to reconcile.

Media Take Out learned that Kanye has ALSO been trying to get back with Kim. The Kardashian family friend told us, “Kanye wants to put his family back together, but that won’t happen.”

And both insiders believe that Kanye’s rant yesterday was caused – at least in part – after Kanye found out that Pete is still in Kim and his children’s lives.

“Kanye found out that Pete was still around, and he blacked out,” Kim’s pal told Media Take Out.

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