Keke Palmer’s Mother Threatened To MURDER Darius …. He Denies Abuse Claims!!

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Keke Palmer’s ex, Darius Jackson, is denying Keke’s explosive bombshell abuse allegations. And Darius is claiming that Keke’s mother threatened to put a bullet in his head, Media Take Out has learned.

Media Take Out broke the news yesterday that people close to Darius told us that he did NOT abuse Keke, and that the video shows him trying to take Keke’s phone from her. Now TMZ is confirming our report.

According to the website, Keke and Darius began an argument over the custody of their infant son, Leo. Darius friends say that he texted Keke about going to pick up his son but when he arrived to Keke’s place, Leo wasn’t there.

Darius claims that during the argument, Keke got her mom, Sharon, on the phone and put her on speaker — and we’re told Sharon was cursing at Darius and allegedly told Darius she’d put a bullet in his head.

Heres more from TMZ:

Darius then attempted to wrestle Keke’s phone away from her — which our sources say is what’s depicted in one of KP’s exhibits from her restraining order filing last week … which shows them tussling and struggling on the couch.

We’re told Darius absolutely denies abusing Keke … and our sources say cops even came over and didn’t find any probable cause to arrest him for DV. They didn’t even file a report, we’re told … which our sources say backs up DJ’s account.

We’re told Darius’ mother caught wind of the bullet to the head threat, and texted Sharon over it.

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