Chrisean Rock Says Past Abortions Made Getting Pregnant Difficult

On Instagram Live, Chrisean Rock shared that her three past abortions made it difficult for her to conceive a child.

“It was a point when I wasn’t getting pregnant ‘cuz of how many kids I was killing. I kept getting pregnant and I kept aborting or I would take a Plan B. It was more that I didn’t do nothing, and I’m like, ‘Watch me get pregnant,'” said Rock.

Rock said that when she did not get pregnant, she rushed to the doctor, “I went to the doctor and she’s like ‘You’re not fertile, so you gotta calm down with the abortions or you will not be able to have a baby.”

She continued, “I remember just praying one day, ‘Hey God, just know this time if you send me a blessing from heaven I’m gonna keep it. And then, through the darkest time of my relationship or career, I got pregnant, and I’m not scared! I have my own money, my own name. I’m good, for real.”

Rock is now allegedly pregnant with Blueface’s baby but he says it isn’t his and his mother claims he had a vasectomy.

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