Boosie Calls On Fans To PROTEST His Arrest … Only ONE FAN Shows Up!!

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Boosie Badazz was arrested last week, and charged with federal gun charges – as MediaTake Out first reported, which carries a nearly 20 year prison sentence. And he is still locked up after 2 judges rejected a prosecutor’s request to keep him behind bars.


On Thursday, a second judge upheld the bond order by the first judge. Boosie said he paid the full $50,000 cash bond but he is still in a San Diego jail.

Boosie told his fans, “After the judge has granted me a bond, and I paid my full cash amount the prosecution refuse to respect the judges decision to let me go. They showed no evidence of me being a flight risk or a danger to the community.”

Then he turned his attention to the prosecutor, whom he calls “racist.” According to the rapper, “The prosecutor Mr. wheat looked at me singing Wipe Me Down, wiped his shoulders and shook his head with a look of evil in his eyes. This is total misconduct from a prosecutor. He is racist and has evil intentions.”

Boosie asked fans to come out, and help, saying, “I need the people of San Diego outside the court tomorrow to protest the injustice that is being done to me.”

Unfortunately, only one fan showed up outside the courthouse. The fan held a sign that read: “Free Torrence Ivy Hatch aka Boosie Badazz.”


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