Boosie Badazz Defends Smoking Weed Around His Kids

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Boosie Badazz defended himself against fans who say he should not smoke weed around his children.

“Yeah, I smoke around my kids. You spray hairspray around yours. And smoke cigarettes and Black & Milds,” said Boosie in the clip.

He continued: “I was full of pills. Let me tell you what else. I was on weed, pills, angel dust all that. Tootie came from the hospital, I had a blunt like this. He was right there. Yes, I do. I hate when people try to tell you what’s going on. They turned out real nice. They’re not in jail. Your son in jail. Don’t tell me about my f-cking children, I’m telling you.”

Boosie’s parenting has come under criticism several times in the past. He admitted to getting a grown woman to perform sex acts on his young son.

“I’m training these boys right, I’m training these boys right,” Boosie said on Instagram Live. “Ask any of my nephews, ask any of them, ask my son. Yeah, when they was 12, 13, they got head. Yeah, that’s how it’s supposed to be. Hell yeah I got my f-ckin’ son d-ck sucked. You f-ckin’ right.”

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