Beautiful PREGNANT Chicago Hitter Genesis Escobar Tries To Carjack Someone … Now She’s Gone!

Iyanna Muhammad |

A beautiful Chicago pregnant woman was g*nned down, after she allegedly tried to rob a man, Media Take Out has learned.

Police say that 21-year-old Genesis Escobar is d*ad after being sh*t while appearing to carjack a man in a notorious Chicago neighborhood on Monday afternoon.

Chicago police said that Genesis ran down on the man’s vehicle around 1 p.m., in a robbery attempt. She was inside of a car when she was sh*t in the shoulder, back and hand, police said.

Genesis’ body was then thrown out of the car and into the intersection. People came to help her before police arrived, but it was too late.

Genesis was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, where she was pronounced de*d. A friend of the victim told CBS 2 the woman was seven months pregnant with her first child.

Iris Alvarez, one of Genesis’ friends explained to the Chicago Sun Times, “When we got to the hospital, unfortunately, the baby was not able to be saved and she passed away as well.”

”We looked out the window and seen that the vehicle — someone opened the driver door, walked around the vehicle, pulled the body out and drove off,” she said.

“I feel that for a person to do that to someone, doesn’t have a heart,” Alvarez added.

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