50 Cent Admits He Shouldn’t Have Brought Fat Joe Into Ja Rule Beef

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50 Cent admits that he was wrong to drag Fat Joe into his long running beef with Ja Rule.

Fif sat down with Rolling Stone to reflect on the 20th anniversary of his debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin.’ During the height of his success, 50 Cent beefed publicly with Murder Inc, particularly Ja Rule and is considered the reason for Ja essentially falling off.

He said he can relate to some of the younger rappers.

“There’s an element, a part of our culture that I’m aware of it because I am it. Your Lil Durks, your NBA Youngboys, the whole surrounding cast of that … it almost splits our culture in half because when you cool with one, you can’t work with the other,” he said. “There’s an energy that runs through it that if you cool with people I got a problem with, then you with them.”

He then focused his attention on his own history of sparring with anyone who considered Ja Rule a friend.

“It was like my issues, I was using the same thinking in the very beginning of my career because it’s just the thinking you would use in the environment. If anybody went next to Ja Rule, I’d jump on the person who featured with them, anybody who was faintly near them, ’cause I put him on life support and you wanna go resuscitate him,” he continued. “So that energy, later you look at it and you go, ‘I was buggin’.’ ‘Cause I’ll say that. Fat Joe, his issues, I would see him a little uncomfortable with the success I was having, and I interpreted as, ‘He doesn’t like me,’ when he’s really the kind of guy you want to be friends with because he’s loyal to a default. He’s so loyal for one record that [Murder Inc] did with him [“What’s Luv’] that we became enemies.”

Fat Joe and 50 have since squashed their beef. Ja Rule and Fif have not resolved their issues however.

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