Yung Joc Explains Child Abandonment Arrest

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Yung Joc has explained his recent arrest for child abandonment on Mother’s Day.

Joc says the charges were to do with child support that he owed.

The rapper said he had been paying between four to five thousand dollars a month so that he could keep ahead of his payments but when he decided to take a step back to pay for his wedding and other payments, he stopped paying that amount.

“That person got mad. That mother got mad. And felt like no, you are supposed to keep paying me this,” Yung Joc said.

After going over his finances, he agreed to a lower amount but she was not happy with it and had him arrested.

“I didn’t even know, I didn’t even know I had a warrant for this,” he said. “So here I am, I’m just living my life casually. Still paying child support and suddenly they put out this child abandonment warrant cause they did not want to accept the $1,500. So, when I go to court, this gon have to be reversed, this gon have to be taken off my record. Because there was no point in time where there was any abandonment. There was no point in time where there was no child support.”

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