IG Influencer Shatara ’Prettyhairboss’ Connor … Caught STEALING!

Tiffany Brockworth |

Shatara Connor is recognized as one of the most successful IG Influencers who focuses on Black hair. The Chicago native owns a few hair salons around the country, and she sells her hair products all over social media.

By all accounts, she is seen as an entrepreneurial success story. She frequently posts about being “rich” and talks about her international travel and luxury purchases.

But everything you see on social media, isn’t exactly what it seems. According to a popular IG Blog, Shatara was arrested and charged with retail theft last week. Police charged the allegedly successful entrepreneur with theft of items totaling more than $300.

Here’s the alleged receipts posted online, which purportedly were taken from the Du Page county website:

Here’s a video of Shatara showing off his successful that she is, by inviting a group of teenagers to her shop;

Shatara claims that “making money from home” is “easy.” And she can teach her followers how to make enough money to travel around the world.

We wonder what she’s teaching them??

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