Wack 100 Explains Why NBA Youngboy’s Verse Was Removed From The Game’s Album

The Game’s manager Wack 100 says he removed NBA YoungBoy’s guest verse from The Game’s recent album because he wanted $200k.

“Sometimes when it comes down to a situation that I had to make an executive decision about. And in YoungBoy’s defense, YoungBoy charge niggas $300,000 a verse. That’s what he [charges]. That’s what it is. I can’t front, he gave us a helluva deal,” said Wack.

“But that situation would have cut into marketing overall. So, I had to make an executive decision whether I wanted to pay the tab he sent me, which was a respectable great tab. It was love. I can’t front. But, that tab would have cut into that, that and that.”

Wack said the rapper shaved $50k off the feature price but $150k was still too high.

“He was gon’ do that for the video and everything. Once you go to video and YouTube—he one of the highest streaming individuals on YouTube—you gon’ get your money back in the long-run. Plus, now your artist is tapping into that fanbase that he might not have. Nothing against YoungBoy. YoungBoy didn’t disrespect us, didn’t violate us,” Wack continued.

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