Tyrese Slams Ex-Wife: Samantha I Don’t Think You Ever Loved Me!!

Lyndon Abioye |

Tyrese is clearly missing his ex-wife, Samantha Lee Gibson, and in a recent interview post, her accused her of never loving him at all.

“I left the courtroom during my divorce trial, and I realized that it was never love; it was just a transaction,” he says in the clip. “Wow, we did a whole marriage and did the whole duration of a child and starting a family, just to find out it was all about money. Status. Transaction…”

This month, Tyrese was ordered to pay back child support of nearly $250,000 to his ex-wife. He was also ordered to pay almost $400,000 to her attorneys.

“Imagine me being the only actor in a relationship, to then realize that I was in a relationship for five years with one of the best actors I’ve ever met in my f-cking life,” he added.

Y’all believe it was never love or is Tyrese just trying to get a reaction out of Samantha?

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