T.I.’S Daughter Deyjah Harris Called ‘SNAKE’ By Her Cousin!!

T.I.’s daughter Deyjah Harris received a message from her cousin who called her a snake.

“Happy 21st birthday to my snake ass lil cousin,” Mecie posted on her Instagram Story.

Deyjah saw the message and reposted the Story and responded: “baby you’re in your 30’s acting like this, I thought we were better than that..anyway, I thank you for the birthday post even though we both known it wasn’t genuine,” she wrote.

Deyjah added, “It’s all love on my end though, you know that. Have a great life and PLEASE take care of yourself, real sh-t.”

Deyjah continued with a tweet, reading: “Lmaooo it’s sad that older cousin will be on this type of time /; you could’ve kept it at happy birthday or simply said nothing at all if y’all knew the backstory to why she’s upset, you’d say it’s very much childish.”

Fans are wondering what exactly went on between the cousins. Should these messy posts been private text messages instead?

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