SPLITTSVILLE: After Cheating Allegations … DDG UNFOLLOWS Little Mermaid Star Halle Bailey!!

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Two days ago, Media Take Out broke the explosive revelation that a beautiful Twitter model was carrying on a flirtatious, and possibly more, relationship with one of DDG’s burner Twitter accounts. (see full story here).

Now less than 48 hours after our explosive report, it appears that DDG has unfollowed his girlfriend, Halle.

News of DDG unfollowing Halle exploded on the internet yesterday, when a fan noticed that one of Halle’s old re-tweets of a DDG post, appears to have been blocked. Under the new terms of Twitter use, if you retweet a person who subsequently blocks you, the message becomes unreadable to viewers.

And it gets worse, DDG’s official Twitter page is no longer following Halle Bailey either. Look:

Halle Bailey and DDG’s relationship began in January 2022 when they were spotted together at a concert. DDG confirmed the romance in March of last year, with a birthday tribute to Halle on Instagram, and since then, they have attended public events together, including the Oscars afterparty.

Since then, the two have become one of the most popular couples amongst Generation Z celebrities.

Yesterday, as Media Take Out reported, Twitter sleuths suggested that DDG may have been caught carrying on a side relationship, with a beautiful Instagram model. (see full story here)

But DDG may not be the only one with a wandering eye. Media Take Out reported that Halle was looking very friendly with her Little Mermaid co-star Jonah Hauer-King at the premiere. Look:

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