EXCLUSIVE: Halle Bailey’s Rapper Boyfriend DDG … Accused Of CHEATING w/ BEAUTIFUL IG Model!

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Halle Bailey is dating rapper DDG, and they seemed like a really happy couple. But Media Take Out learned that Internet sleuths are accusing DDG of possibly cheating on Halle, after searching through random tweets from both DDG and a beautiful IG model named Dianna.

Rapper DDG was exposed over the weekend, for having multiple burner accounts on Twitter. One account was making disrespectful comments about Halle Bailey’s co-star in the little mermaid.

Well according to Black Twitter, DDG has other burner accounts. One suspected burner account is @world0ffinesse. Internet sleuth’s believe it is DDGs account because it follows DDG, his family, Halle and Chloe.

The @world0ffinesse account often comments on DDG’s brother’s tweets, responding only to people in DDG’s threads. The account also follows the same sports teams as DDG, and frequently promotes DDG’s music.

A few months back the @worldoffinesse account took a liking to a particular Instagram model named Dianna. She also follows DDG’s music and she frequently responds to his comments. She’s a big fan of his.

Since the follow, Dianna has been obsessively posting about DDG. In April, @world0ffinesse suggestively asked Dianna to start and Onl**ans account, and she responded by saying that she would if she got a feature from DDG.

@world0ffinesse responded by asking her to DM him, and he’d provide DDG’s contact info to her. It appeared that she did just that.


Dianna responds by asking

Shortly after this interaction, Twitter sleuths point out that Dianna begins to tweet public video messages to DDG’s Twitter, and the alleged burner account frequently responds.

And now for the finale. Dianna’s Bio spells out “Darryl Is Sexy” in code. Look:

What do you think? Is Dianna just an overzealous fan …. or is there some creeping going on?

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