Spider Loc Recalls The Time Fabolous Pulled Up On Suge Knight!!

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In an interview with Cam Capone News, Spirder Loc spoke about the time Fabolous allegedly pulled up on Suge Knight for dissing him on the radio.

“I recall when Suge first got out, he was in New York — I wasn’t with him — but he went on Hot 97 and said, ‘The new Row, we looking for these type of artists — street n-ggas, cool thug n-ggas, not no Fabolous-type n-ggas.’ He made a statement to that effect,” he said.

“Shortly thereafter, we was outside the House of Blues trying to get in to a Def Jam party, and they had strict orders not to let Suge in. Suge was trying to push this line to get in, but they had the Sheriff standing right there kinda deep like, ‘Aight, try if you want to.’ Throughout that process, Fabolous pulled up in a little two-seater Benz and called Suge over. Suge went to lean in the window — I’m mobbed up with him — and then Fabolous got at him like, ‘Man, what’s up with that shit you was saying on the radio?'” he continued.

Loc says he was surprised when Suge appeared to back down.

“Based on what Suge said and who I thought Suge was, I was surprised to hear him say, ‘Oh, you know it ain’t like that. We ain’t talking about n-ggas like you,'” he continued. “Fabolous, to my surprise, he approached Suge about, ‘The sh-t you said me about me on the radio in New York. Here I am in L.A. and yeah, it’s on my mind, what’s happening?’ He ain’t go super barky-barky on Suge, but he got at him like a man, he brought it up and Suge turned it into a laughy, jokey, play-y, ‘I didn’t mean it like that’ situation. I was kinda shocked and impressed to see that Fabolous stood on that position at that type of time with Suge.”

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