‘RHOSLC’s Jen Shah Stands By Claim Lisa Barlow Called Her Son The N-Word!!

Jen Shah is doubling down on her claim that her former bestie Lisa Barlow called her son the n-word.

“I don’t want anyone looking after my kids that calls them the n-word,” she tweeted, tagging Lisa.

During Wednesday’s episode of WWHL, host Andy Cohen asked Lisa and Whitney Rose about whether they planned to stay in contact with Jen’s husband and two kids, Sharrieff Jr. and Omar Shah, if she’s sent to prison.

“I don’t really know Jen’s kids but I think they’re doing great things and if I see Coach I always be super nice to him. He’s been great to me,” Lisa replied.

“If her kids ever needed anything, I’d be there for her kids,” said Whitney.

Lisa also responded to Maredith Marks, calling Whitney and Lisa’s new friendship “very strange.”

“If you even watch the Vail episode last year, Meredith was really upset that no one believed her of all of Jen’s wrongdoing… After everything said in Vail, the like, gloating in the bathtub, everything she said in her closet, I was shocked. It’s a relationship of convenience,” Lisa said.

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