Ray J Says He’s Changing His Name To ‘Tron’

Ray J is pulling a Diddy and changing his name…maybe.

“You can call me Ray, you can call me J, you can call me Ray J,. But my real name is Willie, and I’m a Junior, so Willie Jr., but that’s my dad’s name – he owns Willie, and I’m Ray J,” he said.

Then the singer said, “BUT, I’m changing that too! I’m going with a new name, top of the year. Ray J is into… He’s lived, you know what I mean? It’s time to evolve. We’re gonna go viral with this, go.

“My new name will be Tron,” he added, “Because I’m in a digital mindset right now. I’m inside the computer, right? I’m in! It’s like a new Matrix, but I don’t wanna go that deep.”

Ray J was not being serious. He has been doing a lot more interviews since his viral performance at the recent Mario Verzuz Omarion where he sang out of tune.

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