Omarion Says Once Again That He’s ‘Unbothered’ By B2K’s Disses

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After the Verzuz, Omarion was hit with disses from the remaining members of B2K after he called them his backup dancers.

Well, in a new interview, Omarion claimed to be “unbothered” by it and says we should look forward to watching the upcoming documentary about the group.

“We call that being unbothered. Being unbothered it just means that you don’t give someone else your power and you decide how to respond instead of reacting. Reacting to everything can be a disadvantage because it’s thoughtless and it doesn’t serve you,” he said to TMZ. “So standing up for yourself during challenging times is essential to staying and maintaining your peace. So this is a great opportunity for me to just give my public and my fans…even context to the Verzuz everything that has happened thus far I have never spoken on.”

“So this docu really encapsulates my truth and my perspective. I would also like to say just about our journey and starting so young as kids a lot of people are responsible for our relationship at this current moment in time. Me being the last member to come into the group and them already having some kind of synergy, it always has felt within the scope of my career that I never had their support.”

Will y’all be watching the doc when it drops?

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