Ne-Yo’s Baby Mother Issues Apology After Calling Him “Diddy Junior”

Tiffany Brockworth |

Ne-Yo‘s baby mama Big Sade has apologized after she bashed him online and leaked a video, accusing the singer of abuse and of throwing “Diddy parties.”

“So I’m drinking my boba [tea emoji] tea talking to my Dad on the phone, self-reflecting & I’d like to apologize for putting yall in our business,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

“Emotions were heightened, and I want tht best him to show up. But i understand you can’t make ppl feel you. I have good faith everything will come together. Full moon was out, cycle on, postpartum built with frustration and a lot of underlining issues that we needed to be addressed. Trying to do tha with the problem present made heightened emotions. I’m human. I hurt too. & i want the best for everyone. That’s all I was fussing for. Nothing more [heart hands emoji] som understanding.”

Sade Bagnerise also accused Ne-Yo inviting women over to his home while his children were there. The livestream was fiilmed from inside his home. She said the star “body slammed” her to the floor.

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