MTO Data Exclusive: New Data Shows Best And WORST Cities For Black Women Looking For A Black Man

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What are the worst regions in the United States for Black women to find a Black man? Well Media Take Out learned that a new study is going around social media, which uses US Census data and new birth data – to give a firm answer.

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The study looked at the race of the parents of babies born in 2021, to make its determination. In short, the study found that nationwide for 2021 births, 8% of births to Black women had a non-Black father and 18% of the births where a Black man is listed as the father had a non-Black mother.

The numbers change. depending on the education of the parents. For Black people with bachelors degrees or higher, the number for the above is 10% for Black women and 22% for Black men.

Now for the good news. Media Take Out confirmed that the study concluded that Black men and women in the South and prosperous mid-Atlantic counties (like PG county in Maryland, and middle class neighborhoods in Pennsylvania and Delaware) had kids together more than 90% of the time.

In two cities, where very prominent Black people live – Princess George County Maryland, and Atlanta, Georgia – more than 95 percent of Black men had children with Black women. And that number jumped to 98%, when the men had college degrees.

Now for the bad news – if you live out West, GOOD LUCK ladies.

Black men and women out west, particularly in Southern California and Colorado, had the highest interracial rates. The WORST place to find a Black man interested in Black women, according to the data observed by Media Take Out is Orange County, California.

Only 48% of the kids born in Orange County in 2021 where the father is listed as Black (with a bachelors degree or higher) were with a Black woman. Black women in Orange County, however, have children with Black men at a rate of 79%.

And now – for all you swirlers – what is the BEST county to find a White man. That honor goes to Middlesex County, MA – where 1 out of 4 Black women chooses a White partner to have a child with, Media Take Out learned.

What if you want a biracial man? Well the numbers there aren’t GREAT.

50% of mixed Black-White women had kids with Black men while only 21% of mixed Black-White men had kids with Black women. When the mixed persons had bachelors degrees this dropped to 39% for mixed women and 15% for mixed men.

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