Julia Fox Plotted To Kill Drug Dealer After Friend OD’d

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Julia Fox claimed that she once stalked a drug dealer with the intention of killing him after her friend overdosed on drugs. She said she got her hands on the gun of her friend who’d just died and went looking for the dealer.

“I would literally, like, sit across the street in my car, put the seat all the way down,” Julia said. “And watch him through the little side mirror for hours, like coming and going.” She further added that she learned her friend died of a mix of several substances, not just what the dealer gave her. “I’m glad I didn’t kill him.”

Fox went viral recently after she showed off her small, mice-infested New York City apartment.

“Even though I could have probably afforded a bigger place — probably, ’cause I am in New York after all — you know, it’s about having that sense of normalcy for Valentino,” she said.

Fans told her she should find a new spot to live.

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