Jeannie Mai & Jeezy Divorce Battle HEATS UP … She & Her Mom Still Living In Jeezy’s MANSION

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The divorce drama between rapper Jeezy and his estranged wife Jeannie Mai is on the brink of getting VERY VERY ugly. As Media Take Out reported, Jeezy filed to divorce his wife of 2 years, claiming that he’s no longer happy with the relationship.

Media Take Out confirmed that Jeannie is still living in Jeezy’s Atlanta compound, as of this weekend. And the Atlanta rapper is living there also, making it very awkward.

And it gets even messier. Earlier this year, Jeannie moved her mother and her brother into the compound. And from Media Take Out is being told – Jeannie’s mom is still living in Jeezy’s home also.

Before getting married, Jeezy had Jeannie Mai sign a prenuptial agreement – agreeing to allow Jeezy to maintain ALL his assets, including his multi million dollar Atlanta mansion, in the event of divorce.

But there may be issues with the rapper’s prenup. As Media Take Out reported, Jeannie signed the document just 24 hours before the couple got married. That gives her the opportunity to argue that she signed the document under duress – a legal term which means “not by her free will.”

And Jeannie doesn’t seem like she’s willing to leave the home. If the couple don’t end up reconciling, Jeezy could be in for a real fight.

Here’s a video of Jeezy’s mansion – which he purchased in cash – before the marriage.

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