Dorit Kemsley Will Be Demoted On ‘RHOBH’ If She Doesn’t Spill Tea On Her Marriage Troubles 

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Dorit Kemsley could lose her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills diamond if she doesn’t start talking about the issues between her and husband PK.

Sources say Bravo producers will demote her to a “friend” of the show if her issues aren’t displayed in front of the cameras.

“She wants to be a full-time cast member on the show, but she does not want to explain that she is on a break with P.K. and he has temporarily moved out of the house,” a source told OK! Magazine. “She really does not want to be seen as a single mother in Beverly Hills because once you are labeled, you don’t get invited to as many parties, you lose friends,” the source added.

Things have been rocky between the pair since Dorit’s home invasion in 2018. Dorit and PK have been shown going to therapy on the show, but she is reportedly hiding a lot from producers.

Dorit is desperately trying to hold on to her husband.

“He has a lot of celebrity friends and pull, so she doesn’t want to lose him at the end of the day,” the insider went on. “And it’s not just about power. She also does not want the world to know she failed at her marriage.”

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