Former NFL Star Vince Young BROKE … Blew Through $35M … Spending $5K/Week At Cheesecake Factory!

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Former NFL star Vince Young has officially gone broke, Media Take Out confirmed. The former NFL star is going viral after a post went viral on social media from Afrotech.

The NFL baller earned more than $35M in his career as a player, but he lost it all. And he blew his money on some of the dumbest things you can imagine.

Media Take Out confirmed that Vince’s downfall was caused at least in part by his overspending at restaurants. And we’re not talking about some fancy restaurants … we’re talking about Cheesecake Factory.

Vince loved The Cheesecake Factory so much, that according to a new report, he allegedly spent $5,000 a week at the restaurant. And that was just an average. Vince reportedly even spent $15,000 in one sitting at the restaurant.

During his career in the NFL, which ended about 10 year ado, Vince Young earned $25 million on his first contract. After leaving the Tennessee Titans, he went on to be signed by the Philadelphia Eagles, Buffalo Bills, and Green Bay Packers, where he’d earn an additional $10M.

So he made $35M during his career. Unfortunately for him, those Cheesecake Factory bills kept adding up.

And that wasn’t the only reckless spending by Vince. The former quarterback reportedly bought all the seats on a Southwest Airlines flight because he wanted privacy. These incidents weren’t the only contributors to Young’s situation.

Vince eventually ended up filing for bankruptcy in 2014, and while going through files with his attorney, he found documents with forged signatures and investments in projects and businesses he didn’t even know anything about!

At one point, $600,000 was paid to a business started by an actor he knew, but he had not known the company associated with them – according to Sports Illustrated.

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