Finesse2Tymes’ GF Says He’s Had A BBL!!

Lyndon Abioye |

An ex-girlfriend of rapper Finesse2Tymes says the rapper is not doing so well and that he got a BBL.

“My [rainbow emoji] a$$ ex going through a mental breakdown because he’s on ‘downtime’ from getting his bbl or lipo or whatever you wanna call it [laughing emoji] so he is bored at home! Butttttt he need to worry bout his girlfriend (bm) takin [pills] I been gone from round yall for months! Why yall still worry bout me??” she wrote.

She continued: “Worry about healing from the bbl you just got [laughing emoji] I try to not do no internet sh.t cause it’s soooooo much I can say I been trying not to say but today’s the day.”

The rapper responded to her claims, stating that he’s had lipo and not a BBL.

Her words come days after the rapper claimed that he is no longer polyamorous and that he’s sticking to one woman.

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