Explosive Leak . . . Lori Harvey S*xtape, Also One w/ Rihanna & One w/ Wendy Williams . .. Twitter Goes WILD!!

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There is an explosive and potentially devastating report going around social media. Media Take Out has learned that there’s someone claiming to have secret tapes, that purportedly show some of the top celebrities in the world engaged in private romantic acts.

And the report has all of Black Twitter going crazy, and scouring the internet for the alleged videos.

It all started yesterday when rumors began circulating that there’s a Lori Harvey tape that’s ready to be leaked. Within minutes, Lori Harvey became the top trending topic on Black Twitter.

According to one gossip blogger, she actually saw the Lori Harvey tape and claims that it appears tp be authentic. The blogger claims to have previewed the tape and told her followers, “only said Lori because I actually saw for it myself.”

That tweet set off a frenzy of people searching for the video – which Media Take Out can confirm hasn’t yet been posted online.

Here are a few of the comments from fans:

Shortly afterwards, the blogger claimed to have also been offered graphic videos of Rihanna and talk show host Wendy Williams. The blogger then posted an altered screenshot, purportedly taken from Wendy’s video.

Media Take Out has not confirmed whether either the Rihanna or the Wendy videos have leaked yet, or whether they are authentic.

This is a very serious matter, because we did a bit of research and confirmed that leaking s*x tapes is a crime. Each state is a little different, but there are a number of laws in place to protect victims from revenge p*rn and prosecution for those who spread it.

The Cyber Civil Rights Initiative has information on laws in place on this, and even in the absence of legislation, victims of revenge porn may be able to file cyber security or privacy-related charges.

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