Erica Mena FIRED From Movie … Further Fallout From ’Monkey’ Comment!

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Erica Mena, former star of Love & Hip Hop has just lost another job. Media Take Out reported a new days ago that Erica was fired from the cast of Love & Hip Hop, after she was caught on camera making a racist comment about fellow cast member Spice.

Erica was earning nearly $500,000 a year for her role on the MTV series. That’s all gone now.

Yesterday she was fired again. This time All Blk Network announced that Erica Mena will not be appearing in any future seasons of ‘Hush’. The network reasoned that Erica’s firing was due to her calling Spice a “Blue Monkey”. Erica was the breakout star of the series Hush.

In Hush, Erica surprised her fans with her acting ability – and set herself up for other major acting roles on All Blk. But that’s over now.

Here’s the network’s official release regarding Erica’s future with them:

According to the network, Erica WILL appear on the upcoming season of the show – and be paid for her role accordingly. However, the network say s that Erica will not be invited back for further seasons.

Media Take Out spoke with an executive at All Blk, who told us off the record that hey are “actively looking to re-cast Erica’s role with another actress.”

Erica was set to make “six figures” for her role on Hush.

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