Amanda Seales Alludes To Paying Rapper Boldy James’ Probation Fees… Says He OWES Her Money!!

Lyndon Abioye |

In her viral Club Shay Shay interview, Amanda Seales spoke out several of her relationships with rapper, including Detroit rapper Boldy James.

In the interview, she appeared to suggest the rapper still owes her mone for probation fees she paid on his behalf.

“If I hate Black men, I want a refund, Shannon,” she told Shannon Sharpe. “You know how many brothers I have lifted up? I want a refund.”

“I’ve done paid probation fees because n-ggas could rap and I want them to be able to live in their talent and their truth. I done spoke to a damn P.O. [probation officer] to vouch. Boldy James. And you owe me money,” she added.

Fans were quick to pull up the rapper’s lyrics, seemingly addressing his past relationship with Amanda on his song “Guilty.”

“Hunnid a G, ‘member I got fronted the key / ‘Fore the bag came, my gas tank was under the E / Life took a ill turn on that Sunderland spree / Now I’m f-ckin’ Miss Wilburn from My Brother and Me,” he raps.

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