Erica Mena DEFENDS Calling Spice A “Blue Monkey” … Says “I’m As BLACK As You’!!

Lyndon Abioye |

A clip of Erica Mena talking to Yandy Smith about using a racial slur at Spice has surfaced online.

Yandy tries to explain why Erica was wrong for calling Spice a “blue monkey,” but Erica claims that people wanted to be offended by it.

“The b-tch crossed the line, she violated me by coming for my son, and I would do it all over [again] if she does it again,” she said.

Erica admitted she would not repeat the same words if she could do the scene over again. In fact, the reality star says she is Black too.

“I didn’t say I would say the same thing. I’m Puerto Rican and Dominican. I have Black in my family, I have Black children, I married a Black man. There’s not a racist bone in my f-cking body, I’m just as Black as probably all of you.”

Erica was fired from the show after viewers called for her to be removed.

Watch the clip above.

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