Donald Trump Parties w/ Nelly

Donald Trump was recently spotted partying in New York at a Nelly show in Gotham Hall an LIV Golf-sponsored party.

Trump is popular with several rappers. In 2017, Nelly revealed that he voted for the Republican.

“I liked Donald Trump. I did,” he told Page Six.

He wasn’t a fan of Trump’s one term.

“Pre-presidency, I was cool with The Donald,” Nelly continued, “Loved his hotels. I just don’t like Donald Trump as my president.”

This week, DaBaby reveaed he’s also a Trump supporter.

“Do I f-ck with Trump? Now, hell yeah,” he said. “Trump is a gangsta. He let Kodak out.”

Trump commuted Kodak Black’s sentence, which led to his early release from prison in 2020.

“President Trump granted a commutation to Bill Kapri, more commonly known as Kodak Black,” the White House wrote in a statement. “Kodak Black is a prominent artist and community leader. This commutation is supported by numerous religious leaders, including Pastor Darrell Scott and Rabbi Schneur Kaplan.”

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