Dancehall Star Vybz Cartel To BE FREED FROM Prison . . . He Plans To Marry Exotical Beauty Once Released!!

Dancehall superstar Vybz Cartle is close to being released from prison, Media Take Out has learned. And the Jamaican star plans to marry his Turkish girlfriend once he’s released from prison, we’re told.

Isat Buchanan, Vybz Kartel’s attorney, recently gave an interview with a Fox News station and he said there is no longer any doubt that key evidence was falsified against Vybz and a scientific investigation by a digital forensic expert proved it.

Now, the Privy Council, the United Kingdom’s version of the U.S. Supreme Court, is hearing the appeal – and it looks like the Dancehall star may be freed from jail in as early as a few weeks.

Adidjah “Vybz Kartel” Palmer was convicted in a Jamaican court for the murder of Clive Williams, whose body was never found. But his conviction came from a mostly circumstantial evidence, video and phone records from his BlackBerry Torch, and a witness who was later discredited, according to the attorney.

But now Vybz legal team has commissioned a comprehensive investigation by a British certified digital forensic expert. And the report, Media Take Out has learned has cast doubts about the authenticity of the evidence.

“So when there is a gap in the footprint, for instance, the video did not have any GPS on it and all other videos on the phone had GPS, had the metadata and the epoch times in sequence,” Buchannan told the FOX network.

In his detailed report, digital forensic expert David John Martin-Woodgate found that the video prosecutors claimed had put Vybz at the scene of the crime may have been forged. They claim the video had a timestamp that was off.

Vybz’s lawyer says that the Dancehall star was at a hospital at the time of the alleged murder and that proves it.

“Tampering or a misreporting of the time which was crucial, so the time was clearly changed to fit the prosecution’s case,” Buchanan said.

So what will Vybz do once he gets out – marry his exotical girlfriend Sidem Öztürk, a British citizen who currently runs Vybz’ Dancehall record label.

Kartel and Öztürk were first linked together in 2018 – and it caused quite a stir when Vybz’s Jamaican fan base was upset with the artist was dating a “snow bunny,” as his fans referred to Sidem.

According to Sidem’s social media accounts, she is actually of Middle-Eastern descent, specifically Kurdish heritage and from Turkey. She now resides in the United Kingdom.

At the time, Kartel had put the haters on blast for disrespecting his lover. “Shes white? Lol come offa mi page wid simple minded ignorant rubbish,” Kartel had written at the time.

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