D Wade Explains How He Told Gabrielle Union … About Having A Side Baby!

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Dwyane Wade finally opened up about how he explained to his now wife Gabrielle Union that he had a side baby on her.

Nine yers ago, D Wade and Basketball Wives ate Aja Metoyer conceived a child, a son Xavier. At the time, Media Take Out reported that Gabrielle and Dwyane told the world that they were “on break” during his fling with Aja.

This week, Dwyane went on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay, and gave a bit more background on what happened.

First off, Dwyane stringily suggested that he and Gabrielle were NOT separated when he conceived the child. According to Dwyane it was “painful” to tell Gabrielle about the child. He also told Shannon that he tried to break up with Gabrielle after learning that he had a baby on the way with Aja, but Gabrielle “kept coming back to him.”

Interesting … there’s more.

Dwyane also suggested that Gabrielle is still coming to grips with including the young man into their family.

As Media Take Out reported in the past, each year Gabrielle Union and Duane Wade put out Christmas cards – with Dwyane’s three sons in them. His fourth son – Xavier – has never been included in any Wade official family photos.

Dwyane explained to Shannon that Gabrielle is “still working through” everything.


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